Integral Blinds

Interior view - blinds closedWe can supply and fit any of our bi-fold and sliding patio doors with superb integral blinds. These blinds sit within the sealed double-glazed unit and may be height-adjusted or tilted using a system of magnets.

Some of the benefits of integral blinds are as follows:

  • The blinds provide a sleek, contemporary finish and enhance the overall effect of your windows
  • They do not gather dust (as they operate within the sealed unit)
  • They do not flap around, getting tangled or making a noise, when the window is left open
  • Unlike external corded blinds, integral blinds do not present a health hazard to young children
  • Interior viewIntegral blinds do not take away much-needed sill space
  • The blinds are available in a range of standard RAL colours, which can match or provide a contrast to the most popular RAL frame colours.
  • Finally, the integral blinds offer additional security – they can be set so that you can see out but making it very difficult for anyone to see in.

These double-glazed units, with integral blinds, may be fitted within existing window frames too, enabling a client to match the effect in the upper and lower floors of an elevation.